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Curious about hypnosis about hypnosis and want to find out more? I offer free consultations to all.

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Hypnosis Sessions

The cornerstone of my practice, hypnosis sessions
are for helping people in reaching their goals. Common goals include weight loss, stress, fears (phobias), habits, self-confidence, self-control, depression, anxiety, IBS, sports, pain, self-control, and more.

Price Per Session: $105

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“Maintenance” Session

Though short term therapy has been the cornerstone of my practice and the majority of my clients achieve lasting change, I have come to realize that sometimes folks need a little tune-up.

Whether picking up cigarettes after quitting, reverting to negative behavior regarding food choices or any other behavioral changes, it’s important to stay on track.
For this reason, I offer a maintenance plan. This program is designed to help you sustain your goals more easily.

Maintenance sessions are generally 30 minutes. Their purpose is for touching bases, progress updates and perhaps a chat or brief refresher.

Price Per Session: $55

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Quit Smoking Program

Three and a half hours of customized, private sessions. Typically split into three separate, one-hour sessions over a three-week period and one 1/2 hour follow-up session several weeks later. Directly address your unique triggers and cravings around your smoking habit.

Includes: Instructions, Eight CD and/or MP3 self-hypnosis program (Quit Smoking #1 & #2, Quit Smoking Aversion, Stress Reduction, Weight Management #1, Self-Confidence, Self-Hypnosis Instruction, and Sleep). Schedule here.

Program Price: $350

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Prepay Discounts

Normally payment is due at the end of each session. However, if you prepay for your session 24 hours in advance, you will receive 10% off the total price of the session.

Prepaid sessions are non-refundable, the discount is already applied at check out.

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