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Weight Loss

How Hypnosis can Help Weight Loss

Behavior modification with hypnosis is a means for you to gain control of your actions around food and exercise so you can lose weight. Hypnosis is a tool to help you change your ‘habits’ so that weight loss will result. Food choices, snacking, portion control, and activity levels are the problem. Difficulty with weight loss is the result.

Many people that have trouble with weight loss feel like they are constantly fighting their eating habits. Food choices, portion size, “food addiction”, “nervous eating”, cravings, binges, chewing speed, and aversion to physical activity, are all things that can have learned behaviors affecting them and make progress difficult.


When these habits are addressed, the person re-gains control which allows them to achieve their goals. Proper nutrition and exercise can become a matter of simple choice rather than a constant internal struggle.

Weight loss at the Salem Hypnosis office focuses on changing the behavior at the root and creating new beneficial habits using hypnosis. Instead of a “diet”, we can work to change how a person thinks and acts around food at a deeper level. This makes the difference. Weight loss is a natural result of an overweight person gaining control of their habits.


Hypnosis in Salem Oregon

People that have trouble with weight loss know what they should do, but feel like doing something different. Our ‘knowing’ and ‘feeling’ can be quite different, especially when experiencing a craving. When a feeling or craving response is triggered, it actually happens a split second before you are aware it is happening.

When you are fighting yourself over your food choices it might not feel it can be so simple to change. I can tell you successful client stories, but until you experience it for yourself, it may not make as much sense to you.

Having real control of eating habits is a large part of achieving weight loss. Being free from old habits allows your mind the opportunity to create new habits for weight loss. Eating healthy foods in healthy amounts and making time for physical activity can BE your new habits.

When creating your new habits for weight loss, it is important to gain information about nutrition, diet and exercise. There are many options for us here in Salem, Oregon.  Weight loss information can be gained from research, your doctor, a nutritionist and/or commercial weight loss programs.

Support can range from talking with a good friend, self-hypnosis or weight loss focused hypnosis sessions. Consistent weight loss takes consistent effort.


Weight Loss Education

Nutritional awareness is necessary in order to make the most of your weight loss efforts. Many people are aware of nutrition and calories, but many others are not.

Emotional Eating and Weight Loss

Most people with a weight problem realize they tend to eat more when they are stressed. Because the more stress, anxiety, and depression someone carries, the larger the relative strength of the cravings. This means the cravings are much more difficult to control, and weight loss is more difficult, until the stress side of the equation is addressed.

When I work with weight loss clients, I will always address their stress. This provides my clients with the best possible chance of successful weight loss.


Long-Term Weight Loss Results

The time spent in a weight loss session is very important. It clears room in your mind and creates a new foundation for new behaviors. After the weight loss session, it is important for you to remain focused on your goals as the new behaviors take root. To assist in this, weight loss programs will often supply CD’s to listen to or teach you different “exercises” to do.

In my experience audios and “exercises” are both important for weight loss. The exercises are simple to teach and for the client to remember. The problem many other hypnosis programs have is the length of the weight loss CD. Most weight loss hypnosis CD’s are at least 30 minutes long. This makes them difficult to fit into a busy day and often boring. But, I have found audio support is very important in helping someone achieve weight loss.

Because of this, I created reinforcement audios for weight loss (CD or MP3) that average only 7 minutes long. This makes them very easy to listen to in the morning, before a meal, during a work break, or in the car. The times you can most use additional self-control. This makes it easy to use my weight loss audios. People say, after spending the few minutes to listen to them, they feel refreshed, relaxed and mentally clear.

Weight Loss with Salem Hypnosis is Better

Several weeks after a hypnosis client’s last weight loss session I have follow-up contact. I track client weight loss success rates and feedback. While I have formed my weight loss program with techniques from the top modern hypnotists in the profession, and years of experience, I use continuing feedback to further advance my weight loss programs. Taking into consideration, client compliance, ease of use, comprehension, comfort level, and success rate. Your long-term weight loss success is my focus. This may sound noble, but the fact of the matter is, most of my clients come from the referrals of previous successful weight loss clients. Your long term success results in my continued success here in Salem, Oregon.

The long term success of any weight loss program depends on modifying a significant number of eating behaviors. When modifying behaviors for weight loss, nothing compares to Salem Hypnosis.


Weight Facts in Oregon

Oregon BRFSS 2005 Weight Control (Behavioral Risk Surveillance Survey) Nearly half of Oregon’s population is working on weight loss In Oregon 66.4% of males and 62.8% of females are overweight. For more data on health and weight loss

Consumer Awareness in Salem Oregon

Oregon is one of the last 13 states that does not have a state certification for hypnosis. This is both good and bad. It keeps hypnosis in the hands of those that know it best – practicing hypnotists. But, it also allows a wide variety of hypnotic techniques and skill levels to be accessible to the public. Oregon has had this issue in the legislature off and on. It probably makes little difference to the person in Oregon looking for help. After all, that person generally cares much more about results than they do about how they get the results. I only bring this issue up to make Salem, Oregon hypnosis clients as informed as possible. There are many wonderful hypnotists in Oregon. If you have a bad experience, it is in everyone’s interest if you first communicate this with the hypnotist to resolve it. If not satisfied, report the problem to the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association. Then, look for a hypnotist you can be confident in.

Most insurance does not cover hypnosis for weight loss in Oregon. Oregon State employees with a Flex Plan card are able to use the card at Salem Hypnosis in Salem, Oregon. Also, you may be able to claim the cost of your weight loss sessions on your taxes.

*Weightloss as obesity requires a medical referral, form provided at consultation.